EPM what’s new?

EPM what’s new?

Oracle released new binaries for labeled April 30th on Oracle Edelivery.

We share here our first experience with this new release.

Understanding the scope and limits of this new release

This new release of the installation binaries has some limits and points of attention. binaries is a partial rewrite of

Although this version is released, it is not a fix for and a fresh installation is mandatory.

The readme file clearly states there is no upgrade path to this release and content must be recreated.

“EPM System Release is intended for new deployments. If you are an existing customer with a deployed application, there is no need to upgrade to this release.

Note: This release is for installing new deployments only, it does not apply to existing deployments of EPM System. If you have an existing deployment of EPM System, then you should not use this release. You cannot upgrade to release from a previous release.”

This release installs Release as baseline, except for Financial Reporting with PSU and Oracle Hyperion Enterprise Performance Management Workspace with PSE 26950214.

After the installation and configuration is complete, you must apply PSUs to get the latest updates.

What is the difference between EPM and EPM

The products list below has been removed from the installation (basically the old Brio’s stack, if you come from paleolithic…):

  • Oracle Hyperion Reporting and Analysis, including:
    • Oracle Hyperion SQR Production Reporting
    • Oracle Hyperion Interactive Reporting
    • Reporting and Analysis Framework
    • Oracle Hyperion Web Analysis (removed for new customers in
  • Disclosure Management

Oracle seems definitively kill the Brio’s legacy.

The Reporting and Analysis Framework disappearance brings some change.

  • The RM1 folder no longer exists, so now Financial Reporting artifacts are stored in database as well as the security. That mean that Financial Reporting component follow a new software architecture, which simplify backup management:


  • MIME type no longer available, so personal page as html can not be used anymore. This feature was managed by Reporting and Analysis Framework:

  • Home Page disappears, this page was generated dynamically by the Reporting and Analysis Framework. Instead the Home Page you have a grey frame:

  • It’s no more possible to launch or download thick Reporting and Analysis client from tools menu:

However, the thick Financial Reporting Studio client binary is still provide in this release.



There is no change in the patching process, except for Financial Reporting which needs only patch tag 9xx release:


  • The configtool creates all Financial Reporting table in Shared Services repository even if you specify a specific database or schema.


  • Log Off link disappears after use. To display it again browser cache have to be empty.


This release standardize On-Premise EPM and Oracle EPM Cloud architecture, and prepare the 11.2.x coming next year.

Removing the RAF Agent and the RM1 directory is a step towards simplification (backup, log management, Windows services) , but a loss of usability because the home page has not been maintained.

The first bugs identified show that this version is still in development and still needed adjustments.

Useful link

You can find detailed information in official documentation provide by Oracle:

What’s new in FR

Oracle Enterprise Performance Management System Documentation Release

EPM readme


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  1. Hi there. I set up a VM internally in early summer this year. I was successfully able to migrate user and groups via Lcm from our other vm. also migrated 2 hfm apps via hfmcopyapp. Imported FR reports successfully which were exported from other system in workspace. Installed all hfm patches also Fdmee. Worked ok.

    • Hi Karin,
      Hope you are well!
      Thank you so much for sharing. You’re totally right, it’s possible to migrate the entire EPM content from to PSU 900.
      It’s just not possible to do an “in place” upgrade directly on

    • Karin – we are seeking someone to help us with the same task and having challenges finding a consultant who can help us now. Do you know anyone who can install and is available now?

  2. In DEV server , I have formatted the mount/drives and downloaded the and installing. in progress now.

    will there be any issues while migrating the classic planning application and HFR to ?

    Looks like We have two options

    option 1: If In place upgrade is not possible with .900, So we need to format the PROD servers and re-install ?

    Option 2: Go for in place upgrade from to and apply required patches

    which option do you suggest ? and which is best ?


  3. Hi Rajendra,

    Both options are possible, but we can’t recommend you to format your current 123 PROD to install 124.900. The best is to provision new servers for 124.900, or 124.000 since finally PSU900 is just a “pre 11.2” regarding RAF architecture.
    You can also choose to wait for the 11.2, announced Q4 2019.

    Kind regards,


  4. Hello everybody

    Does anyone know where can I download the installers for the EPM; because our solution is legacy (came from the paleolithic hahaha) and we need SQR Production Reporting compatible with the latest versions of SQL Server. I have already installed the release 900, however it does not work for our solution.

    Thanks in advance.


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