Improve HFM user experience with sorted memberlists!

Improve HFM user experience with sorted memberlists!

Sometimes, complicated stuffs can be simplified using simple tricks.

Improve user experience with sorted memberlists!


The SortArray script enables to display your memberlist sorted in alphanumeric order. This feature can make your HFM application very user friendly.

Why using dynamic sorted memberlist?

The first benefit of using an alphanumerically sorted list is to improve the user experience in the data input. A webform using sorted list will show the members in a logical order. Users will find the members they are looking for with much more efficiency. The sorted memberlist can also be used in Financial Report Studio.

Be careful:  we recommend to not use sorted list in the rules file. It could be less optimal and slow the system.

For example:

  • In a webform used to declare intercompany amounts, you can use the sorted memberlist of ICP input members to show the intercompany members by columns sorted in alphanumeric order.
  • In a webform using a wide selection of accounts in the user point of view, you can set a sorted memberlist to help the users finding the account they want to fill.
  • In a webform or a report which is set with brands as line dimension, you can sort the members by alphanumeric order with the “SortArray” script.

How does it work?

The principle

Every list set in the memberlist file can be sort by alphanumeric order. It can be used for the following dimensions:

  • Scenario
  • Account
  • Entity
  • ICP
  • Custom dimensions

Sorted list can be used in:

  • Webforms
  • Grids
  • Reports

Create the sub “SortArray”

To sort a list you have to add this sub top-down your memberlist file:

Sort the lists

The sub has to be called this way in your list:

  • Not Sorted list:

  • Sorted list:


This example shows a sorted list which displays intercompany partners in alphanumeric order.

Use the sorted list in the webform

Through Data Form Designer:

Through Data Form Script:

The dynamic webform

As a result, we now have a webform which displays the ICP in user friendly order.

  • Using {[ICP Entities].[Base]}

  • Using the sorted list


The SortArray is a simple trick that can be used in every HFM application easily. It will improve you HFM user experience.

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