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Functional support and optimization

At Neonn, we are committed to helping our clients build solid functional skills and boosting their performance. Our specialized teams assist and enhance the efficiency and control of the consolidation process. Whether dealing with recurring tasks or “complex operations” (mergers, LBO, partial disposal, etc.), our teams oversee and prepare your management financial reports and consolidated financial statements.

Neonn is also involved in the optimization of existing consolidating processes, improving the reliability and relevance of financial data as well as reducing financial close and publication deadlines.

Regulatory implementation and training

By staying up-to-date with the latest regulatory changes, Neonn ensures its clients a sound application of legal financial standards such as IFRS and US GAAP. As an authorized training provider, Neonn experts provide comprehensive inter and/or intra-company training in consolidation, including the essential and complex principles of IFRS standards.


Whether through partial or total outsourcing of the consolidation function, Neonn works alongside its clients on choosing the optimal outsourcing scenario based on their business needs. Neonn organizes the consolidation process, collecting information from each entity, and processing conventional and complex operations (PPA, goodwill, Fair value, etc.). As part of our outsourcing services offer, and under the umbrella of financial communication services, Neonn also ensures maintaining and building relationships with our clients’ financial partners and auditors.

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“The perfect interpersonal skills and operational effectiveness of Neonn teams allowed them to quickly become part of our fully-dedicated staff. We cooperate on a regular basis”

Patricia Bailly, Consolidation Director, Generali France