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The right choice, permanently

Choice of the solution

At Neonn we assist our clients, with complete independence, in choosing the best Financial Reporting and Consolidation solution that addresses their needs. As an authorized reseller, we deliver a highly-competitive, customized solution, including all the necessary installations and licenses.

Integration and deployment

Each Neonn project team possesses extensive functional knowledge coupled with solution-related expertise. This ensures a smooth and seamless solution deployment in a short period of time.

Third-Parties Maintenance (TPM)

We ensure the proper functioning of all installed software solutions. With our dual solutions and industry expertise, clients are guaranteed a high quality service and optimum performance: reducing the risk of errors and malfunctions, maintaining performance levels during periods of overloaded activity and anticipating any changes in future needs.

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“Neonn is the perfect combination of multiple activities: financial reporting and consolidation along with HFM application expertise. Their involvement has greatly boosted our performance”
Arnaud Cozette, Group Financial Director. Novasep